English For Young Learners

Lessons, games and activities – this is what makes learning English fun and easy for young learners. The programme has been developed by British experts to meet the need of children of all ages. Upon completion of each level students are awarded with certificates.


Характеристики курса


   Продолжительность курса

4.5 месяцев




Morning, Afternoon, Evening
Time adjustable on demand



3 lessons a week
1 session lasts 50 minutes
1 lesson is 2 sessions
1 lesson lasts 100 minutes



Our teachers are CELTA holders, ensuring the highest possible quality of teaching.
They are highly experienced and are continuously upgrade their skills.


   Course and workbooks

Authentic books issued by Oxford University Press, one of the largest, oldest and respected educational publishers, Pricedelivered directly from Great Britain.




54 lessons + Club activities
for 2000 soms a month (12000 soms for the whole period)



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