BSC Kyrgyzstan - British Study Centres British Study Centres Kyrgyzstan – British Study Centres Kyrgyzstan is one-of-a-kind approved BSC franchise school in the region. We are proud of being a part of BSC UK, the UK's fastest growing English language schools, along with BSC schools in London, Oxford, Brighton, Manchester, York, Edinburgh, Dublin, Oran and Kiev.


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    General English For Adults

    This unique programme is developed by leading experts in the industry. This intensive, though enjoyable course covers all skills you need to be a confident English speaker: listening, reading, writing and speaking.More information

    IELTS /TOEFL iBT/SAT Preparation

    This programme will help you develop your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills in preparation for the IELTS/ TOEFL iBT/SAT tests. You will take a practice test to find out where you are at the inception of the course, then, you will get aware of the tests format and work on the types of task you will undertake during the official tests.More information

    Business English

    This course has been tailored to the needs of the customers so as to build and improve their confidence with English in the industry. The course will improve both general English and business correspondence.More information

    English For Young Learners

    Lessons, games and activities – this is what makes learning English fun and easy for young learners. The programme has been developed by British experts to meet the need of children of all ages. Upon completion of each level students are awarded with certificates.More information


    CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) is a professional qualification that will help you stand out from the competition giving you the unique opportunity to be recognized throughout the world.More information


    About us

    British Study Centres Kyrgyzstan welcome all interested in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia to learn, improve or master English. Our students are taught according to the world standards-compliant curricula approved by BSC UK.
    Our teachers are CELTA holders, ensuring the highest possible quality of teaching. We use only authentic course books and materials, issued by Oxford University Press, one of the largest, oldest and respected educational publishers, and delivered directly from Great Britain.
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    Что говорят о курсах BSC Kyrgyzstan
    Nurlan Bakanov
    BSC Kyrgyzstan student

    Could you believe me if I told you that I gained necessary score in BSC Kyrgyzstan module of an IELTS exam from the first attempt, with no IELTS experience ever before, after 1.5 month of intense courses in BSC Kyrgyzstan? Yes, it is possible! BSC provides! Читать отзыв полностью

    Жамал Жумаева
    BSC Kyrgyzstan student

    Hi everyone! If you intend to pass IELTS and currently looking for the best tutors, I highly recommend Oksana and Dmitry from BSC Kyrgyzstan. They are really cool!

    Hailey Joy
    BSC Kyrgyzstan student

    I really like the atmosphere here and people who give a wonderful opportunity to learn English and prepare for the tests e.g. IELTS. Special thanks to Oksana and Dmitriy for the teaching approach and positive emotions that you gave me!! P. S. BSC Kyrgyzstan you guys have the best staff ever!

    Aichurok Ussenova
    BSC Kyrgyzstan student

    I really appreciate the team of the BSC Kyrgyzstan especially for Dima and Oksana. They are the best trainers for IELTS preparation. I recommend BSC Kyrgyzstan for studying English and preparing for exams. Theachers are high educated and atmospher in the school are friendly. We became as a real team even more we became friends.

    Aidina Cherikova
    BSC Kyrgyzstan student

    I had been looking for good IELTS courses for moths when I finally decided on BSC Kyrgyzstan. And I have never regretted it! I strongly recommend this place to everyone, who is going to pass IELTS, because teachers here will do their best to make you get the highest score. And students of BSC Kyrgyzstan are friendly and always ready to give you a hand. I really enjoyed the whole experience!

    Altynai Mamed
    BSC Kyrgyzstan student

    Самый лучший центр для изучения английского языка в Бишкеке, для детей и взрослых! Спасибо большое за ваш труд, дорогие Оксана и Дима, за постоянный рост, инновации, креативный подход к обучению и любовь к своему делу. Отдельное спасибо Ирине за доброжелательность, улыбчивость, готовность помочь нашим деткам и нам!

    Jenechka Pak
    BSC Kyrgyzstan student

    Всем, кто хотел бы улучшить свои баллы по IELTS, советую идти на курсы в BSC. У нас сейчас много обучающих центров, и сложно выбрать, куда пойти, чтобы получить качественные знания... Но вот за BSC я могу сказать на все 100% - Они свою работу знают, они лучшие! Читать отзыв полностью

    Татьяна Марченко
    BSC Kyrgyzstan student

    Thank you so much for preparing for the IELTS test! Each of the staff and teachers is friendly and supportive. All the tips for successful taking the test given by teachers were very helpful. Atmosphere in classes is quite relaxing thanks to considerate teachers Oksana and Dmitry. Thanks a lot once again ))

    Arslan Kumaev
    BSC Kyrgyzstan student

    BSC Kyrgyzstan helped me to achieve one of my goals - to study in the UK. I strongly recommend to prepare for IELTS in the BSC kyrgyzstan and never give up during preparation. P.S. thanks to Dmitry and Oksana!

    Dzhanar Murakanov
    BSC Kyrgyzstan student

    I express my deep gratitude to the British Study Centres Kyrgyzstan and personally Oksana and Dima for IELTS courses. You helped me successfully pass this test and made my plans for professional development closer. Good luck with your business and more success stories for your students!

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